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Black label 2 EDIT
19.02.2016, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Tarquin - Back In One Piece

Bristol's dubplate culture hothouse Blacklink Sound return with a four-tracker EP, 'Black Label Edition 2'.

"Brought to you at any tempo we feel like", Blacklink deliver a 50% grimey, 50% relaxed release featuring tracks from Strict Face, Tarquin, Marcx and Grizzle. 

Tarquin's Back In One Piece is a hybrid track that mixes up elements of UK funky and grime. An undertone of sexiness, it's led by choppy vocals gliding over the versatile producer's beats, making it perfect for those less aggy interludes in the club.

'Black Label Edition 2' is set for release on February 29th (pre-order).

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