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01.11.2017, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Tobi Sunmola - City of Dreams

Nigeria born, Manchester based Tobi Sunmola has a certain aura around him. With earthy vocals and lyrical chants over bouncy, trap flavoured production, his is a presence akin to Kojey Radical, Obongjayar and other like minded poets. His debut EP, this year's Childhood Culture, was a serious statment of intent, incorporating influences from his origin and bringing them to 2017. Returning to the music, Sunmola has shared a new track, 'City of Dreams'.

Written before the tragic terrorist attack in Manchester earlier in the year, Sunmola's lyrics only made sense to him after, and he has spun the track into an enigmatic celebration of his new home.

“This song is about Manchester in two spaces," Sunmola told Dummy. "After the attack, I watched the news and seen how everything unfolded. The tale of the city could have sadness but the city showed me a side that makes me so proud to be from here.”

Listen to 'City of Dreams' below.


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