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13.05.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Pure X - You're In It Now [MP3]

Pure X make the kind of wide-eyed, swooning, guitar music worth making time for. Their light, grungey blend is a bit messy, a bit lop-sided, but made with a toughness and conviction that draws a listener in. They’re set to release an album – ‘Pleasure’ – in July on Acephale Records. For now, they’ve re-released their debut ‘You’re In It Now’ EP, from which you can download the title track. It’s a song that dips in and out of focus, stumbles sedately, fuzzy head in the clouds, all raw, heart-on-tattered-sleeve, sounds.

Acephale Records released Pure X’s ‘You’re In It Now’ on 9th May 2011

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