New Music
14.12.2012, Words by dummymag

Ranvir Bassi - of Moons

Ranvir Bassi says he was first drawn to music after immersing himself in the minimal techno world of Berlin, and then promptly fell head over heels for it. But it’s hard to hear many immediate traces of the Berlin underground in of Moons. Ranvir’s solemn vocal mutters about “broken dreams everywhere” and “going to the moon”, with steel pans cascading freely around unpredictable rhythms; all reminiscent of The xx – but with less emphasis on post-dubstep and rather more on post-rock. Of Moons is a barely held together patchwork, with its sparks of beauty only more pronounced as they burst out of something with such a general air of disjointedness.

Listen and download of Moons below, and head to his soundcloud to stream moodier cut Birthdays. He’s also been recording regularly throughout the year – head to his bandcamp to listen to a 36-track collection penned in early 2012, which Ranvir rather intensely describes as “a maddening experience that took over my life”.

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