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16.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Rasmus Folk - Sylvia Kristel [MP3]

One of the more intriguing musical projects to emerge of the last year or so has been the music that has been going under the guise of the Endless House Foundation. Allegedly the project of a group of musicians who recorded in a mansion in the Eastern European countryside in 1973 – full details here – the compilation ‘Endless House Foundation’ contained some pretty exciting works of driving synths and komische textures. Now there’s a new record in the works, a 12” from two of the supposed artists on the compilation.

Rasmus Folk and Walter Schnaffs will contribute two tracks each to a 12” entitled ‘The Schnaffs/Folk’ EP. And it is perhaps best if we let the colourful words of the press release explain the rest:

“The release sees the project’s chief nemeses facing off with their finest works before, during and even after their ill-fated allegiance with The Endless House.

While Vienna’s Folk delivers 20 minutes of synthetic seduction via the unheard Sylvia Kristel (an ode to his year-long romance with the French soft-core star) and Dinner In Trieste (an irresisitble invitation to a date with the man himself), Walter Schnaffs is in typically constructivist form, unloading Phillips Pavillion (Cologne Cathedral in musical form) and, tragically, Spaceship Earth (an effort by Schnaffs to sound LIKE Folk).

In short, this is a synth-soap-opera played out on the crumbling set of Kantor’s ailing superclub.”

The record will come with personalised letters from Schnaffs and Folk. Listen and download Rasmus Folk’s track Sylvia Kristel from the release below.

Rasmus Folk – Sylvia Kristel [Dramatic Records] by DummyMag

Dramatic Records will release Walter Schnaffs and Rasmus Folk’s ‘Schaffs/Folk’ on 26th September 2011

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