New Music
10.01.2013, Words by dummymag

Recycle Culture - In Transit

Right now, the lights in my room are off and I would be in total darkness if it weren’t for the faint orange glow from the lampposts outside pouring in through the gaps in my window where the curtains are slightly too short. I listened to Recycle Culture’s ‘In Transit’ earlier today in the cold light of day and heard a nice ambient mixtape of pleasing textures and occasional snatches of melody, but it didn’t leave me thirsting for more. But I said that I’d listen to it again, and circumstance has it that I’m listening to it at a time where my lights are off, which is a good job because it might have gone over my head once again. In this environment I feel as if I can hear each individual sound, each flourish of distant percussion and each subdued burst of bass, as they are introduced. I might not like this tomorrow, but it feels very right right now. This isn’t one for the skimmers or the perpetually distracted, and it deserves to be heard only when you’re willing to give it your full attention.

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