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15.04.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Redinho - Edge Off EP [stream clips]

There’s a level of tiredness that makes you feel high. That spaced out feeling that extends to your body, turning your limbs liquid and all movement fluid. It was in that mode, at the tail-end of SXSW, that I caught Redinho performing an impromptu live set at a very casual BBQ thing that Red Bull were throwing in the garden of a massive house way outta town off 11th Street.

Brenmar then Deadboy had played all afternoon, rolling out slow jam after sultry slow jam. Then as dusk fell, Redinho (pronounced Red-dean-yo so you don’t make the same mistake I did) was corralled into doing a little live set. I’m not sure what I’d expected but it wasn’t the raw, squelchy, cheeky-as funk that he laid down, spinning lyrics through a talkbox. It got me up off the log I’d been sitting on all day, got in my bones and got me dancing in the fading light. Edge well and truly taken off.

Redinho – Edge Off EP (Preview clips of NMBRS14) by Numbers

Redinho ‘Edge Off’ EP is out on Numbers this April (grab it here) on 12” & digital.


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