New Music
04.10.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Rudi Zygadlo - Achtung!

The last we heard from Rudi Zygadlo was his debut album on Planet Mu, Resealable Friendship – a deeply rich musical flourish that somehow shortend the ravine between the depths of swampy bass and the heights of celestial vocals. However this EP sees him suck the bass back in a bit, but letting bottom notes remain for poppy melodies.

Less dancefloor more doo wop. Stand-outs are electro pastiche Achtung… fickle music industry. And Deaf School… Rudi stands alone and head above others with his ability to turn the voice into an instrument. Layers and vocal flutters… Think Hot Chip at their weirdest or Rufus Wainwright remixed with a dancefloor sensibilty – think gentle and tough. Not dancefloor not radio – in the in between. But bloody lush.

Achtung (Go Easy, Come Easy) by RUDI ZYGADLO

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