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16.05.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Sadistic Candle - Dead Ones Cry No More [MP3]

The second release from Sun Ark Records, the label set up by Sun Araw’s Cameron Stallones and currently releasing a series of tapes, comes from Sadistic Candle. This is the solo project from Sun Araw band member and shahi baaja player Barrett Avner. It’s a bracing, sun-bleached, cover of metal band Mezmerist’s Dead Ones Cry No More, which somehow brings to mind both expansive desert vistas, and the intimate warmth of someone sitting in a bedroom alone, trying to coax sounds out of a pleasingly difficult guitar amp. Download the MP3 above.

Sun Ark Records released Sadistic Candle’s ‘Sadistic Candle’ tape in May 2011

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