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22.05.2012, Words by dummymag

Shakarchi and Stranéus - 'Jamison' (John Talabot remix)

Thanks to Fact for pointing us towards a new John Talabot edit.

The difference in this track to the original isn’t huge. Instead of completely reworking and mashing up the work of Swedish duo Shakarchi and Stranéus, Talabot has added some weight to the tune in form of a drum beat. The previous version is as much an electronic piece of music as this, manipulated vocals being the key giveaway, but this take on Jamison can be danced to. The new clappy beat turns it into some form of house music, but with jingling high notes and dreaminess still in tact, it’s house music at it’s most innocent. This track is an example of the idea that when it comes to remixing, it’s not about how much a song is changed but choosing a track that works with your style and making it something else, however small that change is.

Shakarchi and Stranéus – ‘Jamison’ (John Talabot remix) is available to listen to and download here

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