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17.02.2022, Words by Billy Ward, Photos by Rob Jones

Sherelle breathes new life into Lone's 'Visited By Astronauts' with her "space age" debut remix

"I really wanted my first remix to be special and also for someone who I hugely admire..."

Since bursting into public view with her viral Boiler Room set in 2019, London-based DJ and producer Sherelle has established herself as one of the most exciting rising talents about. Today, her long-awaited debut remix arrives thanks to a collaboration with Nottingham’s Matt Cutler, better known as Lone.

On ‘Visited By Astronauts (Sherelle Had A Groove Remix)’, the fast-rising star takes an ambient interlude from Lone’s recent ‘Always Inside Your Head’ album, and gives it what she calls “a space age, footwork jungle twist”. Her first released remix to date, Sherelle continues an impeccable purple patch, with a re-rub that’s both airy and light, but also heavily percussive.

She states, “it’s a pleasure and honour to remix for Lone, as being a long-time fan, it’s beautiful to be able to collaborate. I really wanted my first remix to be special and also for someone who I hugely admire, so Matt asking me to be involved in this process was truly magical!”

The track drops as part of a wider project of remixes Lone is releasing on March 4, entitled ‘Natural Aerials’. Energetic, deep, trancey and driven by jungle-schooled breakbeats, with bassbin shuddering low-end, Cutler’s upcoming EP delves deeper into the vortex with 4 re-works from ‘Always Inside Your Head’. Whereas the album was made predominantly using software, Cutler has since been buying hardware – and the new project marks his maiden voyage on these newly acquired synths.

Stream ‘Visited by Astronauts (Sherelle Had A Groove Remix)’ below. Pre-order Lone’s ‘Natural Aerials’ EP here.

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