New Music
27.02.2013, Words by dummymag

Solar Year - Magic Idea (Snasen remix)

Snasen, whose ‘Failing Upwards’ EP was premiered on this very site a few weeks back, has remixed Solar Year’s single Magic Idea (coincidentally, the Jamie Harley-directed video for which also featured on Dummy this month). The Montreal duo’s original was built around some wonderfully expansive drum patterns, but Snasen is on hand to muddle things with fertile oceanic ripples of percussion and pitch-shifted vocals. It’s the type of remix that seems to keep threatening to move into a clear path, before being weighed down by its ever-multiplying layers. The results are that by the close, things have turned into something altogether more maximalist – morphing in a manner that further displays Snasen’s deft production strokes. Stream it, or get a free download, below.

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