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24.05.2012, Words by dummymag

Stream Yourself in Peace's self-titled EP

Whether it’s because these two have just started out or not, they appear to be pretty modest when it comes to their music, describing what they do as ‘make beats and whine over them’. Wesley Ulit and Justin Corral, American college students, are the pair responsible for this collection, a very low-key and understated bunch of tracks made with an MPC, guitar and husky, almost indistinguishable vocals.

From the run through of the six-tracks available on their soundcloud this may have only been inspired from a hazy bedroom session, but the natural sound they’ve got going on here its most appealing aspect. Minimalist guitar and electronic music prides itself on cosiness and humility, yet Yourself In Peace have created something that points to both.

Expo eases in with a relaxed noise with limited pitch variations and it’s not until Watch You Breathe comes in that we’re greeted with Justin’s voice singing something that I’m guessing is romance-related. Next up is The Slavic Soul, the pick of the lot, with its heavier drums and more audible singing. This EP’s not hard-hitting, but then again it doesn’t want to be. It’s lightweight, but in its element.

Stream the Yourself In Peace EP below. Artwork is by David Hendrickson.

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