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05.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Sun Araw - Crete [MP3]

Sun Araw, LA’s Cameron Stallones, recently released his album ‘Ancient Romans’ – a conceptual work inspired by the historical period of the title – on his own Sun Ark Records. Now you can download the song Crete off the album, and what a dense trip down psych-lane it is. Guitars noodle and paw at the corners of your mind, while Grand Canyon-sized rock faces of bass ebb and sway underneath. It’s nine minutes to be swamped by, a glazed piece of fried noise to hi-five to, but also cleverly composed in the way it holds your interest. There’s been a lot of this sort of thing emanating from the LA area for a little while now – Not Not Fun, who Stallones has also released on, being particularly good about releasing the best of it – but ‘Ancient Romans’ is still definitely an album worth be being submerged by.

Sun Ark released Sun Araw’s album ‘Ancient Romans’ on 23rd August 2011

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