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Tanvi everywhere
06.06.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Tanvi Everywhere Drops Glitchy EP, '01111101'

Four track project is an ethereal danceathon

tanvi everywhere has shared her second EP, the eerie and experimental '01111101'.

The EP's intriguing title means 'u or i' in binary, which juxtaposes the international artist's first EP '01100001', meaning 'u & i' in binary. As the titular break in cohesion suggests, tanvi everywhere's follow-up project dives into darkness, loneliness and change.

Pre-released singles, 'Kisses to Fame' and 'Need You Now' built up deserved hype for the record. The former explored the obsessive mindset of a character desperate for fame, while the latter draws from tanvi's personal experience of a long-distance romance, capturing feelings of yearning and the sense of losing control.

The EP's focus track, 'Three Zero Three,' is a a deeply personal song for tanvi, as the numbers in the title represent the number of her apartment, as well as her ex’s area code. "I'm constantly trying to escape into freedom, constantly leaving, wanting to put myself in hardships and overcome, and this song and the whole EP explores that feeling," tanvi explained.

Sonically, the record pulls on threads of dance, breakbeats and pop. Haunting openings build into euphoric crescendos, with each track standing apart, defined in its individuality while still contributing to the overall cohesion of the tape. 

With this release, our bet is that tanvi everywhere will soon be, well, everywhere.

Listen to '01111101' on your preferred streaming platform, or on Spotify below.

'01111101' is out now via Headroom Records.

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