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Tasty Morsels Life On Wheels 2
14.11.2013, Words by dummymag

Tasty Morsels - 'Life On Wheels II' [album stream]

Net label Tasty Morsels have been behind some of the loveliest, oddest pop songs this year. Debuting with a beat compilation called 'Life On Wheels: Music To Play Tony Hawk To' and following it up with a lovely sampler called 'Tasty Morsels Vol. 1' and a further two singles, and a wonderful EP from Cute Boobs, the label is most notable for the anonymity of their artists.

Where anonymity can often be a bit of lazy schtick, Tasty Morsels use silly pseudonyms that are just full of character. True to form, their new compilation 'Life On Wheels II' (its Soundcloud description: "More Music To Play Tony Hawk To", obviously) features artists with names such as Doctor Oetker, Alu Gong, Laurie Holiday, Old Man, Screeb, Watson Fothergill, Quacker, Malcolm Bird and Mr. Funnyman. Ace.

While you can stream a sample of it below, you absolutely have to download the entire compilation here.


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