New Music
08.03.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

TeeFLii - AnnieRUO'TAY2 [mixtape]

If finger clicks, low-slung basslines and lyrical content that explores infinite variations on the theme of “I will have sex with you” are your thing, then TeeFLii is about to become your thing. The young LA-based singer has been steadily making a name for himself in his local area over the past couple of years, lending hooks to the likes of Compton-based rapper Problem, but his latest offering, boasting production from DJ Mustard and DJ Carisma, is taking his name beyond the West Coast. It’s got hooks – reams of them – but it’s also a showcase for a singer who has all the sizzle, nuance and humour to his voice that an R&B star needs. Plus, he produced some of the 24 tracks himself. Get in on the action by downloading the tape below.

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