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13.09.2012, Words by Aimee Cliff

Vessel - Stillborn Dub

22-year-old Vessel makes deep, disturbing sounds for Tri Angle, most recently surfacing in a thudding track called ‘Court of Lions’, the first to be heard from his debut album.

Today, another snippet from the forthcoming record has been unleashed, and this time it has the deflated crackle and whine of music played out in a too-big space, crawling through the expanse to creep up on its listener. ‘Stillborn Dub’ is a twisted affair, taking you to a dark little pocket of space in your mind where there’s no narrative, no familiarity, but only unsettling, ghostly noise. If this is indicative of what’s to come, Order of Noise could be a pretty terrifying listen.

Stream ‘Stillborn Dub’, and read the track list for Order of Noise below.

Order of Noise Track List
01. Vizar
02. Stillborn Dub
03. Images Of Bodies
04. Silten
05. Lache
06. Aries
07. 2 Moon Dub
08. Scarletta
09. Plane Curves
10. Temples
11. Court Of Lions
12. Villaine

Tri Angle will release ‘Order of Noise’ on 15th October.

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