New Music
24.01.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

War – Brodermordet

It’s 2012. The moment has changed. Marching in the east, a darkening sky. Sounds with a bone to pick and a rumble in the belly. A war of all against all. New words are needed.

War are a pair of Danes called Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, who fronts punk band Iceage, and Loke Rahbek, who runs a Polish brutalist music label called Polish Isolation.

There are releasing a single called At War With Youth / Kains Mærke on Sacred Bones. It sounds like primal electronic bands like Suicide and Throbbing Gristle and the bleak outlook of Zounds and Rudimentary Peni. It has that would-be-camp-if-it-wasn’t-so-sincere level of romantic dedication and aesthetic allusion that makes pop music in general, and industrial music in particular, so wonderfully engaging a form.

The below track is called Brodermordet, Danish for fratricide, and – perfectly – is about the Cain and Abel myth. This gives me an excuse to link to The Mark Of Cain, a terrific documentary about Russian prison tattoos that you will probably like if you like War.

Sacred Bones will release War’s single At War With Youth / Kains Mærke on the 21st february 2012

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