New Music
16.12.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Wiley – Cheer Up It's Christmas

Wiley, inventor of grime and terminal workaholic, has released a song for the season, called Cheers Up It’s Christmas. The production, though not the wackest thing he’s committed to MP3 this year, is hardly vintage, but the message is interestingly conflicted. Listen to it below:

Wiley – Cheer Up, It’s Christmas by Big Dada Sound

Speaking of Christmas, and Wiley, it reminds me this fantastic anecdote told by Dan Hancox for a Guardian piece on The Elusive.

One stoical soul who has been working with Wiley in recent years told me he once received a phonecall on Christmas morning, while opening presents with family.

“I’ve got some more finished tunes for you, if I send them over now can you check them out please?”

“Wiley,” he said. “You do realise it’s Christmas don’t you? Aren’t you going to take a day off?” The grime legend reeled, apologised, and hung up. The idea of a day off from music didn’t even figure in his thinking.

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