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09.12.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Xela - Exorcism

As well as running the excellent Type Records, John Twells also happens to make some great music under the name Xela. His last album, ‘My Memories Of Gallifrey’ was a tribute to Doctor Who music (read more about that here), and now he’s putting out ‘Exorcism’, which is as eerie and dark a listen as one might guess from such a title, a meditative and spooky set of songs that slink and shimmer in a ghostly manner. The album was apparently written as a therapeutic project for Twells after recovering from a bout of strong illness back in 2008/2009, and it’s true through all the dark and noisy experimentation there is the sense of some blissful hoping peaking through. Read more about what Twells has to say on the record here, and listen to and download the the release below.

Xela – Exorcism by _type

Xela’s album ‘Exorcism’ is available to download now for free

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