15.07.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Actress drops a ton of new music

Download the visionary producer's Twitter-posted jams right away.

There’s never any second guessing Actress. Following an exquisitely heavy remix of Laurel Halo’s Constant Index that dropped out of nowhere on Monday, the London producer posted a Sendspace link to Paralell Worlds [sic] (download MP3 on the right) on his Twitter on Wednesday and followed it with an additional five tracks of static-charged, tonal experiments last night. Whether they’re hints to his upcoming releases on Honest Jon’s and his own label Werk Discs (as reported by Fact), off-cuts from old sessions or just something he’s playing with, it’s hard to gauge. Either way, our ears are grateful.

In other Actress-on-Twitter related news, if his feed is to be believed, he is off to the Congo. Which is interesting because on June 24th, XL Recordings’ top dog Richard Russell tweeted: “Along with @Rodaidh_M and others in search of the perfect beat: we are off to make an album in the Congo July 20”. We’re doing the maths.

Grab the full 6 tracks from Actress’s Twitter now

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