03.06.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

'Ancient Romans' will be Sun Araw's next album

The Classics-fixated Californian psyche artist will be back in August.

OK, so Sun Araw is name of this amazing Californian guitarist and band leader called Cameron Stallones. He released an album called ‘On Patrol’ through Not Not Fun, which you seriously need to check out if you haven’t already, it’s one of the best released last year.

One of his (many) obsessions is with the ancient world (his UK tour was called ‘Let’s Get Hellenistic!’ &c) and he’ll be releasing his next album, ‘Ancient Romans’ on the 22nd August through his own label Sun Ark and Drag City. Its brilliant coverart is above, and all the song names seem to be about ancient Romans. Needless to say, we’re 100 per cent behind this.

He said: “Heartfelt and marbled, this album is documentation of the slow exit (the triumphal entry): moving the camera back 8 stages along the circumference of the circle to the point where the obverse is reverse, in order to celebrate the building of an edifice and then walk away from it in wisdom, gaining freedom from it.”

Sun Araw – ‘Ancient Romans’ tracklisting

01 Lucretius
02 Crown Shell
03 Crete
04 Lute and Lyre
05 At Delphi
06 Fit for Caesar
07 Trireme
08 Impluvium

Sun Ark / Drag City will release Sun Araw’s album ‘Ancient Romans’ on the 22nd August 2011

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