13.03.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Balam Acab – Come True & Just Stay

Two pleas, one artist – Balam Acab sets the heart racing once more.

Sea-breezed and drenched, Balam Acab’s plaintive, textured electronics have explored a sacred space since appearing through the ether two years ago. Now, following 2011’s terrific album for Tri Angle with two mutable Tweeted tracks. Come True is probably the more song-based of the two, and stronger for it, they both prove that Alec Koone, the American producer in his early 20s behind the project, is the only artist working at present that can recall Phillip Larkin’s poem Water, Donna Lewis’s I Will Love You Always Forever and the experience of being awake at 6am in the cold light of a hot day, and for that, we should all be truly grateful.

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