Kelela bok bok
28.02.2014, Words by dummymag

Bok Bok - Melba's Call (feat. Kelela)

The start of February gave us The High, the first new track from Kelela since her 'CUT 4 ME' mixtape. Now, as the month winds up, here's Melba's Call, a new 'un from Bok Bok, featuring Kelela on the mic. 

The Night Slugs boss had made a couple of appearances on the R&B singer's debut mixtape last year, beefing up opener Guns & Synths, and offering mellow tones not really heard from him previously on A Lie. There'd been rumours of more grime-oriented material to come out from the two of them, with the pair appearing together live with Kelela improvising over a heap of London classics. But Melba's Call is a more stop-start, wavey fair, still kicking up a funk-flecked storm as it sways.

Night Slugs release 'Melba's Call' on March 31st 2014 

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