25.02.2013, Words by dummymag

Brian Eno, RZA and a deer feature on the new James Blake album

The post-dubstep mainstay has shared the tracklist and artwork for his forthcoming second album 'Overgrown'.

We were all delighted to hear that James Blake will return with ‘Overgrown’ in April, and even more delighted to hear the exquisite Retrograde, which was an absolute shoe-in as Dummy’s song of the week when it dropped earlier in the month. Now the full track list for ‘Overgrown’ has been shared, and it’s set to feature a couple of eye-catching collaborations.

For Digital Lion, James worked with ambient god Brian Eno, discovering common ground through their mutual adoration for the Reverend James Cleveland and the Angelic Choir’s Peace Be Still. The Wu-Tang-inspired Take A Fall For Me will also feature RZA himself, apparently picking up where JJ DOOM’s ‘Rhymin’ Slang’ left off with a guest verse of anglophilia, including the line: “Fish and chips with vinegar, with a cold glass of stout”. Have a look through the full ‘Overgrown’ tracklisting below, and scroll down for the deer-featuring album artwork and the gloomy video to Retrograde:

01. Overgrown
02. I Am Sold
03. Life Around Here
04. Take A Fall For Me
05. Retrograde
06. DLM
07. Digital Lion
08. Voyeur
09. To The last
10. Our Love Comes Back

Republic will release ‘Overgrown’ on the 8th April 2013.

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