21.07.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Clockwork Orange: The Musical to be performed next year!

Anthony Burgess's original music for the "throwaway and jolly" production of his notoriously violent novel is apparently inspired by "West Side Story", in news that is quite "Wow".

Featuring original music from the author himself, Anthony Burgess, the musical version of Clockwork Orange will take to the stage as a musical for the first time next year.

Dr Andrew Biswell, director of the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, told the Guardian that Burgess began composing his own show tunes to accompany the story a while after Stanley Kubrick’s film was released, in an attempt “to assert his ownership of the story.” This original music will finally be unveiled to the public in Manchester by graduates of the Royal Northern College of Music early next year.

The music is inspired by “West Side Story”, according to Biswell, who adds, “There’s this scene in prison, where one of the prisoners is kicked to death, which is throwaway and jolly.” Sounds like the horror of the novel will be manifesting itself in some creepy juxtapositions between music and action, meaning a whole new way for audiences to be terrified of Burgess’ imagination.

Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the release of the novel ‘Clockwork Orange’.

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