29.12.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

The Design Museum is to host a talk on sound design

Industry experts will meet this February to discuss how sound design works.

London’s Design Museum will be playing host to a particularly interesting lecture on Monday 6th February 2012, as an Oxford University professor and two industry experts will be discussing the phenomenon of sound design.

The Design Museum have the following to say about the talk:

“How often do you consider designing sound? It’s one of those things, that when done well, you shouldn’t notice, but for a building, product or car, sound can make or break the design. How is this achieved? How does this work? The Design Museum has invited a neuroscientist from Oxford University and experiential sound design company Condiment Junkie to explain how the noises made by products influence the way we think and feel about them.”

The talk will be a particular favourite among those who enjoy “nerding around with sound,” as Apparat claims to do in his recent feature on Torsten Pröfrock, in which he talks about the plasticity of modern production and the special connection we feel with imperfect sounds. This observation is just what sound design is about – it explores the ways in which certain sounds induce certain responses within us, and so explains how understanding the brain can improve our ability to use sound effectively.

Should Apparat decide he fancies it, or if you do, tickets are £15, or £7.50 for members. More details over here.

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