28.08.2012, Words by dummymag

Did DOOM send a pretender to play his London show?

Livin’ Proof crowd surprised to apparently see some guy pretending to be DOOM wearing his mask.

Danile Dumile, aka DOOM has a history of not turning up to arranged performances and while he was scheduled to perform a DJ set at the small London venue over the weekend, but that’s not quite how it turned out.

Livin’ Proof took to their Facebook explain the strange string of events in the run up to DOOM’s so called appearance. Here’s a selection of quotes from the full statement to give an overview of what actually took place:

‘As far as we were concerned, the real DOOM was going to appear… we received news from DOOM’s management on the morning of the gig that DOOM wanted more money or he would not show up… As we wanted the show to go ahead and was left to ransom to this extortionate request’

‘At 9.30pm after we had open the doors, we were told by management that he would appear but would not DJ and was just going to sign autographs. We said this was unacceptable as we had agreed and paid for a DJ set… 10 minutes later we received a call saying that he would DJ… Or that’s what we were led to believe.’

‘As many of the people in the venue noticed, there is a very strong possibility the person that was finally sent down was not DOOM himself.’

Maybe this could be the explanation behind the extravagant mask DOOM wears. When asked by Picthfork to comment on Saturday’s events, a representative gave no response.

There has also been a very mixed response from fans on Facebook, some are praising his actions naming him a ‘legend’, whilst on the other hand, others dismissing his mysterious ways remarking on his unprofessional nature, if this in fact was not actually DOOM himself.

It wouldn’t be the first time one of DOOM’s mates has turned up to play his gig – this practice has been noted many times before, and even caught on camera:

Leading to the question: Is MF DOOM’s mask basically karaoke for tubby rap fans?

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