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17.06.2016, Words by dummymag

Dummy Presents: Mermaid Ave at Elvis Guesthouse, NYC

Stepping up for the June instalment of Dummy Presents in New York is Mermaid Avenue. An NYC based sub-label of Mom and Pop Music, Mermaid Ave is is named after Woody Guthrie's song and the street in Coney Island where he lived. Home to the likes of Hinds and Pumarosa, we’re pretty amped for this one.

Kicking off proceedings is teen New York based rapper, Commonminds. On the grind since he was nine years old, he pushes an experimental sound with a whole lot of lyrical prowess. His lyrics reflect the extensive time he’s spent schooling himself on the conscious hip hop from artists such as Big L, A Tribe Called Quest, Chance The Rapper, Outkast, and Mos Def.

Young Atlanta and Arizona upstart Command questioned the existence of love on his debut ‘Watermouth’, bringing his feelings to the forefront with a modern touch on R&B songwriting. Get ready to be all week at the knees in Elvis Guesthouse.

Get set for ‘solar coaster tycoon’ Quiet Luke – a self-produced artist based in New York City, who explores the modern ego and of the warlike nature of love through this celestial and the cerebral sound.

Lyrical sluggers Lorenzo and Harry make up nomad duo, Petite League. A summer-ready blend of coming of age, American Dream tinged indie and throwback baseball visuals – we’re looking forward to their DJ selections.

An additional DJ set comes from butter-wouldn’t-melt femme fatale Tei Shi, who is sure to have a few hearts a flutter inside the party.

Check out the Facebook event page for further announcements.

Dummy Presents: Mermaid Ave on June 23rd at Elvis Guesthouse, New York (free entry).

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