24.10.2012, Words by dummymag

Eaux - New Peaks

The London trio release the nuanced, melodic second single from their upcoming EP 'i'.

Compared to Eaux’s previously released single i, with its elongated, psyched-out guitar notes and sprawling sounds, the group’s latest track New Peaks shows the group opting for a much more dance-orientated, electronic melody – a possible sign that the ‘i’ EP will be varied in style so as to properly showcase the sense of freedom which Eaux want to exhibit in their music.

After an introduction which brews up the song’s main groove, Eaux take the pulsating rhythm of New Peaks and maintain it throughout, decorating it with numerous, subtle touches: light synths punctuate the song each time the central melody swings around, and singer Sian Ahern lets her looming vocals travel in unison with the music. Eventually New Peaks crumbles away, although it certainly leaves a lasting impression.

Morning Ritual Records will release Eaux’s debut EP ‘i’ on the 19th November.

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