23.08.2013, Words by dummymag

Eaves - Grl

Sumptuous, earthy electronics courtesy of the promising Futures Collective producer.

The Futures Collective is a new LA-via-NYC label, who after a sampler mixtape earlier in the summer are now making things official, with their first release coming as Eaves' 'Grl' EP. Eaves' third release, things range from the clippy house of Barely Us to India's wind turbine rounds, but it's the title track that really pricks up the ears. Formed around a sampled backbone that channels similar undercurrents of relentlessness present throughout Koreless' 'Yugen' EP, Grl whips itself up into such a heady daze when that inevitable drop comes, it drops with delightful force. Listen or name your price for the EP over on Bandcamp

Future Collectives released the 'Grl' EP on the 20th August 2013. 

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