23.08.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

Everywhere else #7

New links for a new week.

Young Turks mixtape – Young Turks follow Tri Angle, Merok etc in providing a selection of hot songs for French mag Wow.

Pingcast S01E01 – World Service – Our man Scott – “Steve” – Wright is steadily expanding his blogging empire with a regular series of mixes of strange and lovely music.

What do record labels do? – Sasha Frere-Jones asks a question that’s not actually that easy to answer.

Sail A Whale – Love The-Dream King – New artist on JJ and CEO’s label, Sincerely Yours, Sail A Whale, make The-Dream even more, well, dreamy on this nice little video.

10 years of dubstep – DiS put paid to its fusty rep with the help of guest editor Rory Gibbs, who pulled together a week of pretty cool features on the subject of dubstep.

Needle Exchange 029: An exclusive mix by James Blakeshaw – Superb mix of weird music from the guy with a really cool album out soon.

Forest Swords: on the edge – Excellent questions and answers from the exciting artist on No Pain In Pop.

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