22.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Facebook launches music sharing thing

Mark Zuckerberg, who invented Facebook, announced the addition of Spotify, Rhapsody and more to the most successful website ever.

Spotify, the Swedish company music streaming giant, has linked up with Facebook.

Announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the F8 conference an hour ago, the new service will be integrated into the new Facebook frontpage (with the cutesy name “Timeline”), meaning that Facebook users (which is pretty much most of the English-speaking, internet-using world) will be able to scroll through their friends’ posted tracks instantly seamlessly.

As ever with major tech announcements, the really exciting stuff will come once we all get the hang of it and run with it, but rest assured that this is officially quite important news for the music industry. A video, which sort of explains more and has cutesy graphics, is below.

Spotify is one of a list of media giants, also including the Washington Post and Netflix, whose integration with Facebook was announced. It’s the latest of Zuckerberg’s plans to turn Facebook from a place to scroll through friends’ party pics into something resembling a hyper-networked version of the internet itself, after his aborted attempt to turn Facebook messages into the new email. Facebook, currently at 750 million users, broke the world record for internet hits recently, registering half a billion page views in a single day, the highest recorded for a non-search engine website.

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