26.04.2013, Words by dummymag

Four Tet - Pyramids (Atoms For Peace remix)

Thom 'n' Nigel remix Keiran Hebden with unsurprisingly excellent results.

Fresh from guiding American teenage girls through their relationship worries and snarling at mainstream dance culture through clothing store comparisons in an interview for Rolling Stone (Nigel described underground institutions like Low End Theory and Plastic People as “haute couture”, while Guetta and Calvin Harris were likened to high street knock-offs like H&M), Atoms For Peace have gone and remixed Four Tet. Taking one of the ‘Pink’ album standouts in Pyramids, Thom and Nigel turn it into a scatty beat-led piece, its restlessness spiralling off into seemingly endless directions. Just before sharing last night Four Tet described it as “so fucking good”, and who are we to argue with him? Also, can’t help but notice that it’s been uploaded as “rmx 1”, suggesting there could well be more where this came from.

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