28.12.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Frank Ocean - 4 Tears

The smooth-voiced OFWGKTA member proves that he can do maths in this brand new track.

Hypnotic R&B singer and friend-of-Tyler Frank Ocean has given his fans the gift of a new song for the festive period. He uploaded the short-but-sweet track unexpectedly to his Tumblr on Boxing Day.

Over a hopeful, bouncy beat, Frank’s beautiful voice glides through lyrics about strength and faith. He admits to allowing himself to shed tears over the beauty in the night sky and the “good word”, although boasts that usually, “I don’t cry, ‘cause I’m strong.”

Another thing that the crooner shows off in the brief track is his intellectual prowess, as he confirms that having cried “two tears” and “two more tears”, that is, in fact, “four tears”. Here’s hoping this song goes huge, so that a Sesame Street appearance could be on the cards for Frank. Stream 4 Tears below.

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