20.02.2013, Words by dummymag

Frank Ocean nearly has a full album's worth of new material

Frank spoke to Zane Lowe last night, and shared that he's on his way with a follow-up to 'channel ORANGE'.

In news that (mercifully) crushes those almost-certainly-exaggerated rumours that he could quit music, it’s looking more likely that the follow-up to Frank Ocean’s glorious debut ‘channel ORANGE will see the light of day – and may not be all that far off.

Talking to Zane Lowe on Radio 1 last night, Frank shared that he’s about “10, 11 songs” into a second album, and that it’s already “bordering on a concept record”. He also wants to expand on the “beach theme” of ‘channel ORANGE’ secret track Golden Girl and so, appropriately, will be working on the record in Bora Bora in a few weeks. He also shared that he’d been in the studio with Pharrell Williams as recently as Monday (18th February), and when pushed on potential collaborators Frank said he plans to meet with Danger Mouse soon, and expressed his admiration for UK crooner King Krule.

As noted last week, it’s also looking likely that Frank will feature on Tyler, The Creator’s second album ‘Wolf’, and in case you missed it in the end of year haze, listen to his unused Django Unchained cut Wise Man below.

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