11.02.2014, Words by Anthony Walker

Giganta - Is Ma Beat

Werk Discs prepare a new EP release from bright Greek producer Giganta.

It would be easy to see the the radiant artwork and hear the bright bounce of Giganta's Is Ma Beat and characterise it as a left turn for Werk Discs, given they just released Actress' dark, scuzzy fourth album 'Ghettoville', but for all the inner-city paranoia and austerity the label espouses, it has also been home to plenty of really delightful music – remember that rave dreamer Lone and electro mash-up duo Radioclit have both been supported by the label in the past.

Of all their previous artists though, Giganta's lively but disjointed music is probably closet to Lukid's – except colour is usually expressed in smudges and smears for Lukid, whereas it's all bold streaks and streams for Giganta. Is Ma Beat is the first track taken from Giganta's upcoming EP, 'Force'. 

Werk Discs relase the 'Force' EP on March 17th 2014.

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