28.05.2013, Words by dummymag

Gold Panda - We Work Nights

Familiarly rich and colourful Eastern strings form the Berlin-based man's latest track.

Gold Panda’s Brazil signalled excellent things for ‘Half Of Where You Live’ last month, and things are looking just as strong with We Work Nights. Brazil’s pulsing beat and looped voice signalled new ground for the Berlin-based producer, but We Work Nights will feel familiar to Gold Panda converts, with its flowing Eastern string samples swaying in a comparable manner to ‘Lucky Shiner’ cuts such as the plucked urgency of Marriage. Not to suggest that We Work Nights feels like a retread – and few can claim to capture the textural richness and clarity that Gold Panda seems so consistently capable of.

NOTOWN/Ghostly International will release ‘Half Of Where You Live’ on the 10th June.

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