21.12.2012, Words by dummymag

Grouper - Vital

Wrap yourself in the ambient warmth of a new track from Liz Harris's solo project, lifted from an album coming in the spring.

Recently we heard the excellent news that one-woman ambient project Grouper will be releasing an album’s worth of unreleased material in February. Named ‘The Man Who Died In His Boat’, the collection gathers together works recorded at the same time as 2008’s much lauded ‘Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill’ LP.

When we’ve previously covered Grouper, something that’s stood out is the ease with which she can shift between confrontational, explorative noise experiments and moments of hazy, exquisite beauty. Vital certainly belongs in the latter, with a languid acoustic guitar dragging its way across the frets as Liz’s choral-like voice cries out into the void – posing questions but receiving no answers. Get lost in it below.

Kranky will release ‘The Man Who Died In His Boat’ on the 4th February

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