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07.02.2014, Words by dummymag

Grouper will premiere a new audiovisual work in the UK this June

The collaboration with filmmaker Paul Clipson explores "place and politics" and will be debuted in Leeds.

Consistently fascinating shapeshifter Grouper will share a new hour-and-a-quarter-long collaborative piece entitled 'HYPNOSIS DISPLAY' in Leeds this summer. Commissioned by Opera North Projects, it sees Grouper work with filmmaker Paul Clipson to create a work described as "a meditation on contemporary America through sound and image". 

Grouper's contributions should sound familiar to those in the know, described as a combination of processing field recordings, choral harmonies, and keyboard work. The first performance takes place at the Howard Assembly Room in Leeds, but for those based farther north or farther south of Leeds, shows in Glasgow and London will quickly follow. 

Grouper's new/old album 'The Man Who Died In His Boat' came out just over a year ago, and was a moving soundtrack to the dark depths of a winter that refused to end. Around that time, we were treated to a sincere interview for Dummy (our most read interview that year). Grouper's also one of the more intriguing artists rumoured for The Bug's painstakingly awaited new album 'Angels and Demons'.

Find full details and tickets links for 'HYPNOSIS DISPLAY' below.


5th Jun: Leeds, Howard Assembly Room at Opera North
6th Jun: Glasgow, Centre for Contemporary Arts
8th Jun: London, Barbican

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