Yeezus the movie
28.02.2014, Words by dummymag

Hype Williams is directing a movie about Kanye West's 'Yeezus'

Yeezus: The Movie. Coming soon to a Cineworld near you.

With impromptu visits from Jesus and, from the looks of it, a whole heap of morph suitsKanye West's recent 'Yeezus' tour was probably crying out for a film accompanying it, and now it looks like a Hype Williams-directed feature could be on its way. 

No, not Dean & Inga (but that would really be quite something, wouldn't it?), but rather the legendary hip-hop video director. Hype Williams has plenty of previous experience with 'Ye, having directed a heap of videos for him, including Runaway and Golddigger. The announcement came after a video appeared on Kanye's site, with the message: “Yeezus film directed by Hype Williams coming to theaters.”

It would appear this isn't the film project that West was slated to working on with writer Bret Easton Ellis, which according to Ellis is now working on a “whole other time-frame” in "Kanye land". Watch the trailer for the 'Yeezus film above.

[via The Guardian]

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