09.02.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

I Gotta Let U Know – DāM-FunK

LA funk star's sultry Soundcloud jam demands to ber heard.

Today is turning into a bit of an LA funk history day in new music, with the release of DāM-FunK’s Gotta Let U Know, a song touched by G Funk, Joker’s purple wave of Bristol and the soul of classic funk vocals. Like DāM-FunK’s best work, it works as both sonic fiction (its hazed neon vapours recall the digital eternal sunset of Grand Theft Auto than any movie) and peerlessly funky body music. No word on its release, and its description reads “~ Modern-Funk ~ / *U listenin’ L.A?? U get it yet?? PS: Lemme know when U ‘finally’ do….”

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