06.11.2012, Words by dummymag

Islington's Union Chapel is under threat of closure

The mesmeric North London venue is at risk after announcement of plans for a nearby housing development; sign a petition here to save it.

Anyone who’s been to a gig at the Union Chapel in Islington will know that it carries an ambience that’s unique among the capital’s music venues.

The Union Chapel’s position as a superior performance space was reaffirmed when Time Out lauded it as ‘London’s Best Live Music Venue’ for 2012. Not to mention, the Chapel is also still a fully operational church, and runs as a centre for those homeless or in crisis in the capital.

All this is now under threat after announcements for housing developments in close proximity to the venue. The Union Chapel are worried that the noise and traffic pollution they generate could lead to complaints. The venue hope that if they can get enough voices of support they can ask Islington Council to adjust the plans, and avoid closure.

This year has already seen the Union Chapel Bar host Dummy favourite Marques Toliver, and in December they will host a night of performance from legendary modernist composer, Philip Glass.

It really would be a tragedy if the Union Chapel met the same fate that’s fallen upon unforgettable London venues such as the Astoria and The End in the last five years – so go get your name on this petition, pronto.

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