14.04.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

"Jai Paul" just "uploaded" an "album" to Bandcamp

You wait months for a new song and then 16 come along at once. [Edit: this is an unofficial leak. More information inside.]

Elusive London-based producer Jai Paul has just broken months of silence by uploading an entire album to Bandcamp.

Most notably, Track 9 is Jasmine, and Track 16 is BTSTU (not to mention, Track 7 is a wonderful cover of Jennifer Paige’s Crush). Whether or not this is “the” album that Noisey predicted was coming this month remains to be seen, but either way it’s a thrilling listen.

Stream it here, and download the full album for £7 on his Bandcamp page.

Update: Dazed Digital journalist Owen Myers has just tweeted that Jai Paul emailed him saying that the album is an “illegal leak”. An official statement is expected later today.

Update: Jai Paul himself just confirmed the news with the below tweet and the instruction not to buy the leaked demos.

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