17.01.2014, Words by dummymag

James Blake played a bunch of new things on the radio last night

Brit and Grammy-nominated so-and-so aired some new material on his Radio 1 residency.

James Blake was on BBC Radio 1 Residency show last night, and as a show of gratitude to his fans and listeners he played an absolute stack on unreleased music. He was on at midnight, but for those of you that couldn't stay up on a school night to listen, some canny internet users have ripped and uploaded the new material.

The big pick here is a new song from Blake called 40455, but he also aired some harmonimixes of Beyonce's Drunk In Love and Mystikal's Pay Me. No word if these will end up being released or if they'll go the way of Libra, but keep your fingers and toes crossed. 

At one point there was a rumour that he'd be interviewing Burial, but, unsurprisingly, that just didn't happen.

You can listen to all the tracks below, and listen to the whole show – which also features new music from the likes of Airhead and Lone – on BBC iPlayer. Lest we forget, Monsieur Blake is up for a Grammy award and a Brit award, and he's planning to move to LA with new roommate Chance The Rapper, which sounds like a sitcom in the making.



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