05.03.2013, Words by dummymag

James Murphy is suing Tim Goldsworthy for nearly $100,000

Ex-DFA guys end their relationship in a less-than-amicable way.

Reports appeared yesterday that James Murphy is suing his former production partner Tim Goldsworthy for around the $94,000 mark, accusing him of “failing to perform services he was paid for, owing outstanding loans, improperly using the company credit card and making unauthorized withdrawals from its bank accounts”. The lawsuit, filed on March 1st in Manhattan Civil Supreme Court, also claims that “attempts to amicably resolve this matter were rebuffed”.

Murphy and Goldsworthy established the now-autonomous DFA Records in 2001 alongside Jonathan Galkin, and the two were the core members of the production unit The DFA, responsible for some of the finest remixes of the electroclash/dance punk era last decade. The two haven’t worked together for some years, with Goldsworthy allegedly leaving New York and returning to England without having told anybody at the label.

The two have been pretty busy since – Murphy’s post-LCD Soundsystem exploits have been well-documented, while Goldsworthy has been putting out quality work as a producer and as remix artist Thee Loving Hand – but this most recent chapter seems to suggest that they won’t be working together again, which is a damn shame, really.

In the meantime, New York readers will be happy to hear that DFA are putting on a monster party as part of this year’s Red Bull Music Academy. More information here.

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