Jeff Mills UFO Percussion Instrument
22.10.2014, Words by dummymag

Jeff Mills is making an instrument inspired by a UFO sighting

Never change, Jeff!

Apparently Jeff Mills is making a new percussion instrument inspired by a UFO sighting.

As posted on Facebook earlier today, the Detroit techno producer and noted sci-fi nut is making the instrument with London-based designer Yuri Suzuki, with the idea being that it'll make something "special" that'll be exclusive to his orchestra performances.

There's a photo of the UFO sighting in question up on Facebook – although Mills attributes it to the '50s, it's actually from a pretty notorious sighting from 1942 known as the 'Battle of Los Angeles', which somehow ended in five deaths (check out its cool and freaky Wikipedia article).

Not sure how this event will translate into a drum machine (assuming it's a drum machine), but if anyone can make it, it's Jeff Mills. Keep your eyes on his Facebook page for more info.

[via FACT]

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