04.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Jens Lekman - An Argument With Myself [MP3]

Listen to the lovably schizophrenic title track from Jens Lekman's upcoming EP.

“Shut up, no you shut up”, Jens Lekman shouts in the title track from his upcoming EP, the aptly titled An Argument With Myself . Taking the title to its literal extreme, the song is interspersed with childhood-favourite lines like “stop hitting yourself” over summery, ‘Graceland’-esque vibes.

On his website , Lekman wrote of the internal conflict he depicts in the song: “In the case ‘Jens Lekman vs. Jens Lekman’, we will look closer at the evidence presented – the photo I had carried in my breastpocket for a whole year, the pressed honeysuckle, the wind so rich on summer and so sweet – how are these things connected and why are they relevant?”

There’s something to think about while you listen.

Jens Lekman will release his EP ‘An Argument With Myself’ on the 19th September 2011.

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