04.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

John Maus apologises after angering the internet with speech against record stores

The philosophical musician pitilessly censors himself, after saying he's glad to see record stores closing down in a Pitchfork interview.

John Maus has apologised to music fans after comments he made in a Pitchfork interview , which went online yesterday, caused outrage in the Twitter-verse, with some going as far as to say “if john maus fell down a flight of stairs, i would drive 700 miles just to point and laugh at his stupid bleelding skull” [sic].

It all started when, after being asked about his favourite record shop, Maus was quoted as responding “You don’t know how happy it makes me that the days of the record store are coming to an end.” He then went on to explain how “wonderful” he feels it is that music can now be obtained for free, without the presence of a “snobby clerk”.

The backlash these words incited has been so largely felt, with record stores rumoured to be pulling Maus’ albums from their shelves, that Maus himself issued an apology last night. The lengthy paragraph cites a lack of context as the reason for the harshness of his words, claiming that he was only aiming his comments at “big” record stores, lamenting “I can’t understand why anyone would think I was referring to the small DIY record shops of the world (the only type that would carry my records in the first place, and many of which I have played in) and not the Megastores of the world, but I guess I didn’t make that clear enough.”

On the bright side, with the anger of US record stores directed elsewhere for a change, it’s a good day for Kanye West and Jay Z .

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